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OPC Super Antioxidants- Resveratrol


OPC’S SUPER ANTIOXIDANTS- RESVERATROL   Win the war against free radicals! IS YOUR HEALTH AT RISK? Have you ever associated with any of the following? •Exposure to air pollution •Drinking alcohol (other than in moderation) •Working with, or being exposed to: x-rays chemicals or pesticides •Spend a lot of time in the sun •Exercising excessively […]

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Whey protein includes lactoferrin-can...


Whey Protein includes Lactoferrin- Defence against Cancer Why should cancer patients consider whey protein -Lactoferrin Mon. Mar. 24, 2014 by Dr. Matthew Roe (NaturalHealth365) There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that whey protein can support the immune system, while killing cancer cells. Whey has multi-factorial benefits for cancer patients according to validated studies. It has […]

Five Signs You’ll Get Cancer


Five Signs You’ll Get Cancer Saturday, 07 Dec 2013 By S.A. Nickerson 41 inShare “You have cancer” are three words you never want to hear . . . Unfortunately, over 5,000 people in North America do hear those words — every single day. Even worse, cancer has become the second leading cause of death for […]

Vitamin D3 for Immune System & C...


Vitamin D3 for Immune System & Cancer VITAMIN D3 There is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency sweeping across our modern world, and it’s an epidemic of such depth and seriousness that it makes the H1N1 swine flu epidemic look like a case of the sniffles by comparison. Vitamin D deficiency is not only alarmingly […]

Top 8 Foods & Herbs for Healing ...


Top 8 Foods & Herbs for Healing Cancer Derek Henry 25 Mar 2014 (NaturalNews) With 44% of men and 39% of women now being diagnosed with cancer, it has become more important than ever to understand the foods that will not only nourish your body, but also detoxify it of any cancer causing agents. Here […]

Turmeric Strikes at the Root Cause of...


  Cancer Cure -Turmeric Christian Wilde,  Dr Robert Corish MD,  Dr Chad Larson D.C, C.C.N,C.S.C.S  and  Dr Susan Sharma Research suggests Turmeric turns off  the Cancer switch   Turmeric Strikes at the “Root Cause”  of Cancerous Tumor Development- Study finds: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 22:01 (Before It’s News) Turmeric is known for a wide range […]

Chemo proven to cause long Agonising ...


Chemo Proven to Cause Long Agonising, Death : Probiotics?? Chemotheraphy Proven to Cause Long Agonizing, Suffering.Death -Study  Finds: Also Probiotics may protect the Good Cells from the harmful effects of  CHEMO via the manufacture of RspoI. March 20,2014 J.D. Heyes  tags: Chemotherapy,.Death,.Cancer New study confirms what we’ve known here at Natural News for some time […]

Cancer Forbidden Cures – A must...


Cancer Forbidden Cures  A must watch video ” The Cancer Industry is huge”

Foods we weren’t meant to eat!


Foods we weren’t meant to eat! Tips on how to beat cancer, from 100-year-old farmer Percy Weston We were not designed for this! These bodies we live in were Not designed for foods saturated with preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavours, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and hormones, the doctor warned. Nor were our bodies designed for foods with […]