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Phosphorus Rating Chart

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Summary Food Chart

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Use this food chart to see at a glance the mineral balance of a varity of common foods grown or produced mainly in Australia or the United Kingdom.

Each food was analysed by chemists, who measured the number of grams of each major mineral present per 100g in a representitive sample of the food. Our Phosphorous rating is derived from this.

In the chart, foods are ranked by the dominance of this very active and elusive acidic mineral, and accordingly coloured red, yellow or green.
RED means excessive phosphorus, YELLOW means an elevated level, and GREEN is balanced, making the food generally safe to eat in quantity.

Phosphorus in the diet is an important consideration because too much in food or drink may be very unhelpful to the sick. Using the chemists’ official data, we took the weight of phosphorus and divided by the sum of all the alkali minerals present for each food, and expressed this as a percentage, based on advice from Percy Weston, author of the book, Cancer: Cause & Cure (Bookbin Publishing).

[Some foods appear more than once in the chart with different ratios, usually within the same colour range. This indicates varying mineral content according to preparation or country of origin. Also mineral content of any food can be expected to vary according to seasonal factors, growing method (commercial or organic) and how processed. More detailed mineral tables giving the country of origin will be published in the second edition of Cancer?Fighting Foods later this year (2002).]

Percy recommends that people with cancer and arthritis:

* Avoidfoods coded red [82 ? 100%] which have excessive phosphorus (or lack enough balancing alkali minerals).
* Be wary of over?consumingfoods codedyellow [80 ? 83%].
*Consciously develop a preferencefor the “safe “foods coded green [3 ? 76%].
Other suggestions:
Phosphorus is mostly eliminated in the urine, so drink as much warm water as possible on arising. Fasting cuts of total supply of phosphorus and should be part of any treatment plan. Percy Weston recommends taking a double dose of his mineral formula for the first week. Take rhomanga tablets, based on Percy’s powder, daily after meals and at least once a week before bedtime. If swallowing is a problem, you can convert a rhomanga tablet to a pleasant drink by soaking it for 24 hours in a glass of water or lemon juice.

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