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Welcome to, Alternative Cancer Treatment Information website:  with  many articles on  Cancer Research , Cancer risks , Cancer prevention, Alternative Cancer Solutions and more.

HEALTH SEARCH DIRECT (and later  was  founded in 2001 by Colin Middleton  to reveal Percy Weston’s life changing Story and Victory over Cancer and other degenerative diseases with nutrition. Colin Middleton BCA  an Accountant, and Health Researcher mission is to inform you, that you should take personal responsibility for your Health, and that you can  Beat CANCER and live a normal life many years Longer than you will get by using traditional treatments like Chemo and Radiation. Website was set up to educate you on the alternatives that may help you was set up to supply Natural Health Supplements &  Superfoods that really can make a difference.

HSD Wellness: A solution to the severe nutritional crisis facing our world today.

At HSD Wellness we believe in a ‘Back to Basics’ approach and are committed to supplying a comprehensive range of Alternative Health  Information, and  balanced, live, whole-food supplements.

Why shop with HSD  New Zealand?

Shop with us today and you’ll join thousands of satisfied New Zealander’s, Australians, American and Brits  who are already enjoying the benefits of our unique Natural product range.

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New Zealand’s leading range of New Zealand  and Australian made natural products and specialist Cancer products  with some   sourced from America. New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of leading brands such as  Percy’s Powder ,   NZ Coromandel Tea Tree co,  Percys Products,  Life Energy, DONZ,  Mushroom Science, Mushroom Wisdom, Maitake products USA , Essiac Canada andmore. Both the quality and scope of our range reflect 14+ years experience in natural health. We also provide an excellent selection Natural  Health Books including Percy Weston”s Cancer Cause and Cure .

Percy Weston’s mission: To heal a sick world.

HSD  website is  dedicated to providing Health Seekers with Optimum Wellness Solutions.

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    Read Percys Weston’s Book Cancer Cause and Cure a must read for 2015

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