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NS Coloferrin(tm)

NS Coloferrin™ formerly Naturesource Coloferrin(tm) Nature’s immune boosting powerhouse” NSColoferrin™Made from New Zealand ingredients  is New Zealand’s  leading immune support and gastrointestinal supplement – made from NZ Colostrum and lactoferrin. According to numerous studies, lactoferrin based products such as NatureSource Coloferrin™ have been shown to boost immunity, and support the body’s defences against pathogens. As […]


NS COLOSTRUM formerly Naturesource Colostrum COLOSTRUM from NS New Zealand( formerly Naturesource) Mother Nature’s First Food 100 % PURE NEW ZEALAND Bovine COLOSTRUM recognised as the Worlds best Source of pasture fed anti-biotic free Colostrum. NS COLOSTRUM is collected from pasture-fed, healthy, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free New Zealand dairy cows in the first 24 […]


MAITAKE MUSHROOMS from Mushroom Wisdom U.S.A. In the orient, some mushrooms are highly regarded as longevity herbs that preserve youth and maintain health. There are many folklores or anecdotes on such mushrooms. Traditional healers in china, Japan and other parts of Asia have prized and recognized the health enhancing potential of the mushroom even considered […]


MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS Medicinal Mushrooms from MushroomScience® U.S.A. What Mushroom Extracts Can Do for You Medicinal Mushrooms from MushroomScience® (JHS Natural Products U.S.A.) made by traditional Hot water extraction. MushroomScience® has provided medical doctors with the highest potency mushroom extracts since 1994. Now they are available to you. The reason why traditional hot water extraction is […]


ESSIAC “I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse.” Rene M. Caisse This is the original and legendary Herbal Formula by Rene Caisse made by Resperin Canada Ottawa Ontario Canada. A most amazing story comes from a small town called Bracebridge Ontario Canada, about a nurse who discovered a beneficial treatment for cancer, which she named ESSIAC (Caisse […]


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YOUR PRIVACY Health Solutions Direct is firmly committed to the privacy of our clients. All online transactions are done in a secure enviroment and are 100% confidential. We collect certain information from clients for billing and administrative functions. None of the information collected for these functions is provided to any outside party for any reason. […]

Recommended Books

  RECOMMENDED BOOKS CANCER CAUSE AND CURE by PERCY WESTON Bookbin Publishing pty LTD Australia ISBN 0-646-40313-3 A summary of Percy’s 60 years of research which exposes the cancer link to 20th century agricultural changes. 161 pages from BookbinPublishing Australia ( see CANCER CAUSE & CURE section of this website for details) to order click  […]


  MODERNUS TOXICUS – TROUBLE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Why Are The Nations dying? Degenerative diseases are taking hold of the industrialised nations like never before. The following excerpted US Senate document warned us of the reason for the health hazards to come. Senate Document N0. 264, 1936 74th Congress, 2nd Session Do you know […]


19 WAYS TO LIVE LONGER AND BETTER (ALSO CANCER FIGHTING FOODS) From LONGEVITY : AN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DEFINITIVE GUIDE by Lee Cowden, Ferre Akbarpour, Russ Dicarlo and Burton Goldberg ( “All the research points to is the fact that DIET and LIFESTYLE may be far more important than the genes you inherit in determining longevity” […]