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10 Foods to avoid

  10 FOODS TO AVOID 1 – SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR promotes cancer through production of insulin and hardening of arteries; causes as much as a 50% reduction in immune system function. 2 – HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS, Especially those containing dyes and preservatives. 3 – BACON, LUNCHEON MEATS, FRANKFURTER’S SAUSAGES, SMOKED FISH All contain nitrites, […]

G.E. Free and an Organic New Zealand


G.E FREE AND AN ORGANIC NEW ZEALAND What do Rabbits And Opposums Have In Common With Ge Food? Nothing, Other Than Once They Are Let Loose In New Zealand You Can’t Get Rid Of Them ! Opossums are treated like the Koala in Australia but they are pests in New Zealand Look at the efforts […]

Book Health Seekers

  BOOK  HEALTH SEEKERS Célène Bernstein has been interested in Alternative Health for 30 years. She is the Principal, in South Africa, of the American Health & Nutritional Science Correspondence Course. She has been a Nutritional Consultant for the past 10 years. THE BOOK “Health Seekers” by Celene Bernstein   Contains detailed information on how […]

Book Wheatgrass: Natures Finest Medic...

BOOK  WHEAT GRASS NATURES FINEST MEDICINE by Steve Meyerowitz – the Sproutman ‘Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells – especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and nucleic acids can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion.” Rev. […]

The Hidden Drug

  THE HIDDEN DRUG – DIETARY PHOSPHATE Cause of Behaviour Problems, Learning Difficulties and Juvenile Delinquency. (Hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD) The Hidden Drug Dietary Phosphate (ISBN 0646 40644 2) By Herta Hafer, originally published in German and translated into French and Italian, is now in English.   Hertha Hafer, is a research pharmacist, assisted by her […]

The pH Miracle

  THE pH MIRACLE Balance your diet, reclaim your health Book by Robert O. Young Ph.D and Shelley Redford Young “In The PH Miracle, Dr Young may have discovered the true key to long life and health. It is simple and even spiritual in its approach and is founded on the truth your mother tried […]

Naturesource SUPERGREENS Wheatgrass...

NATURESOURCE SUPERGREENS  WHEATGRASS BARLEYGRASS NS  SUPER GREEN CELL FOOD, FOR LIFE © 100% Pure Wheat grass & Barley grass whole leaf powder , grown in the Clean Green Nuclear & GE Free fields of New Zealand. “Absolutely No FILLERS” and No Algae’s ie Spirulina and Chorella UNIQUE MICROFINE MILLING TO MAXIMISE BIOAVAILABILITY Nature’s Daily Answer […]


RHOMANGA® MINERAL and VITAMIN TABLETS (60 tablets) Rhomanga® 60 tablets (2 months supply )     ***WARNING TO READERS: Percy’s Powder® and Rhomanga® are the only Authentic formulas based on Percy Weston’s 60 years of research . Beware of Imitations!***   Percy’s mineral powder, in tablet form as Rhomanga with added B Vitamins including B12, […]

Percys Powder

PERCY’S POWDER ®  MINERAL SUPPLEMENT 60 sachets each of 1.4 gm AUST L98674 PERCY’S POWDER® is the original and Legendary formulation, the only one approved by Percy Weston based on his 60 years of research and approved by the T.G.A in Australia.   A 1.4g sachet of powder stirred into a glass of water with […]

Book Cancer Cause & Cure

  Book CANCER CAUSE AND CURE written by Percy Weston This book may just change your life! Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery are traditional treatments, however, should a Change of Diet be considered for cancer treatment? Can a change of diet Prevent Cancer? or even Cure Cancer? “Yes” said 100 year old Australian farmer Percy Weston. With […]