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New immunotherapy double-crosses canc...

New immunotherapy double-crosses cancer to kill it from within

New immunotherapy double-crosses cancer to kill it from within By Michael Irving May 13, 2021 from New Atlas Researchers have reprogrammed immune cells that were previously hijacked by cancer to wipe out the diseasesciencepics/Depositphotos View 1 Images One of cancer’s crafty tricks involves manipulating the host’s immune cells to protect the tumors instead of fighting them. […]

Vitamin D may be better than a mask f...

Vitamin D may be better than a mask for Covid-19 29 June 2020 for more information on benefits of Vitamin D go to Summary of Vitamin D information and benefits Vitamin D helps regulate immune function and prevent respiratory illnesses in general, and data analyses show clear parallels between vitamin D levels and the risk of infection, severity and mortality from COVID-19 as […]

Coronavirus 2019

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV If You’re Worried About the New Coronavirus, Here’s How to Protect Yourself Washing your hands is key to avoiding infectious diseases like the new coronavirus. Common signs of infection of the new coronavirus include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. The risk of contracting the disease in the U.S., New Zealand, […]


YOUR PRIVACY Health Solutions Direct is firmly committed to the privacy of our clients. All online transactions are done in a secure enviroment and are 100% confidential. We collect certain information from clients for billing and administrative functions. None of the information collected for these functions is provided to any outside party for any reason. […]

Welcome to HSD Wellness

This website is  dedicated to providing Health Seekers with Optimum Wellness Solutions. HSD Wellness was founded by Colin Middleton in 2001 to reveal Percy Weston’s life changing story and victory over Cancer and other degenerative diseases. Percy Weston’s mission: To heal a sick world. Percy Weston’s mission is to inform you that: You do Not […]