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NS Coloferrin(tm)

NS Coloferrin™ formerly Naturesource Coloferrin(tm)

Nature’s immune boosting powerhouse”


NSColoferrin™Made from New Zealand ingredients  is New Zealand’s  leading immune support and gastrointestinal supplement – made from NZ Colostrum and lactoferrin.

According to numerous studies, lactoferrin based products such as NatureSource Coloferrin™ have been shown to boost immunity, and support the body’s defences against pathogens.

As a supplement, lactoferrin not only offers powerful immune system support for otherwise healthy people, but also offers considerable hope for those with weakened or lowered immunity.

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NS Coloferrin
Supplementation of lactoferrin based products can help to:

  • Boost overall immunity
  • Support the body’s defences
  • Fight free-radicals (Antioxidant)

Provide energy, vitality and Health

Why NatureSource Coloferrin™? NatureSource Coloferrin™ is a unique blend of New Zealand sourced
bovine colostrum and lactoferrin. New Zealand produced colostrum
and lactoferrin products are arguably the most nutritious and
wholesome in the world.
The potent ingredients of NS Coloferrin ™ are collected from
pasture-fed, pesticide-free, hormone-free, GE free, and
antibiotic-free New Zealand dairy cows.NS Coloferrin™ is processed using a unique, low-heat spray
dry processing technique – to ensure that the highest biological activity is retained.
NatureSource Coloferrin™ comes in vegetarian capsule form.
What is Lactoferrin?Lactoferrin (lacto=milk; Ferrin=iron):  also known as lactotransferrin
is a glycoprotein that belongs to the iron transporter or transferring family.
It is a vital component of raw bovine milk, where it is found as a
component of whey protein.
Lactoferrin displays the unique ability to bind iron – essential to the
survival of disease causing pathogens. Lactoferrin’s affinity to bind
iron is a hundredfold stronger than Transferrin – a major iron
transport protein.Lactoferrin is considered a multifunctional protein and appears to play
several roles. As well as display immune supporting activities,
it also appears to be the source of iron for breast-fed babies.
The Benefits of Lactoferrin on the Immune System Research now suggests that the supplementation of lactoferrin based
products like: NatureSource Coloferrin™ is a boon to your immune system
– particularly when your body’s natural defences are low, or compromised.
Lactoferrin provides a multitude of immune-enhancing health benefits;
it has been shown to support the immune system by helping to modulate
the activity of immune-system components when the body’s defences
are under attack.Several studies have demonstrated the effect of oral administration of
lactoferrin on the immune system. And lactoferrin has been shown to
support normal lymphocyte proliferation (specialized white blood cell activation).Lactoferrin works to support the regulation of specific members of a
group of substances called cytokines. Cytokines are a broad class of
smaller proteins that control communication among immune system cells,
and regulate cellular development.Moreover, lactoferrin supports phogocytosis – the engulfing of foreign
organisms and waste material by specialized immune cells like
macrophages monocytes.Displaying a broad range of immune supporting properties,
lactoferrin’s success, lies in its competitiveness for iron.
Additional Health Benefits of LactoferrinLactoferrin is also considered  a powerful antioxidant; this is primarily
due its ability to act as an iron-scavenger – snapping up free iron in the body.
This helps to inhibit iron-catalyzed free radical damage to cells.
Many researchers are suggesting that the supplementation of lactoferrin
products, such as: NatureSource Coloferrin™, as a supplement may
help to support overall bone health and bone density.This is primarily due to lactoferrin’s powerful bone-building properties.
It has been found that the compounds found in lactoferrin help
support healthy bone growth.
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Please Note : The Used by date is an Australian and New Zealand labelling requirement, automatically set at two years, although the ingredients if stored properly ( away from water and sunlight) should be  good for at least 10 years that’s our experience. Colin Middleton founder HSD Wellness/Naturesource.

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