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Célène Bernstein has been interested in Alternative Health for 30 years. She is the Principal, in South Africa, of the American Health & Nutritional Science Correspondence Course. She has been a Nutritional Consultant for the past 10 years.

Health SeekersTHE BOOK “Health Seekers” by Celene Bernstein


  • Contains detailed information on how to develop a better lifestyle and correct eating plan.
  • Serves as guideline for establishing eating habits which will keep your body at it’s best and preserve health.
  • Gives step-by-step instructions on how to make simple changes without being too radical.
  • Encourages a 20% change in lifestyle and eating habits which should bring about an 80% improvement in health.
  • Contains scrumptious menus and recipes.
  • Contains everything you need to know regarding what to eat and what to avoid in the case of certain diseases and promotes a more natural approach to healing.


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