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This website is  dedicated to providing Health Seekers with Optimum Wellness Solutions.

HSD Wellness was founded by Colin Middleton in 2001 to reveal Percy Weston’s life changing story and victory over Cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Percy Weston’s mission: To heal a sick world.

Percy Weston’s mission is to inform you that: You do Not need to die, or suffer from the ill effects of cancer and any other degenerative disease. Percy shows you how you can claim back your health and lost vigor once and for all. Learn how to beat cancer and other diseases through dietary changes and specific mineral supplementation…..

Cancer, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression – relatively unknown a century ago, have reached epidemic proportions globally. These modern day afflictions are ravaging the Western World at an alarming rate, and show no signs of slowing down.

Many health researchers would agree that the primary cause of modern day diseases and poor health has a lot to do with our: toxic & acidic diets; stressful lifestyles – both in the workplace and household; polluted environments; poor water & air quality; exposure to chemicals & pesticides; excess reliance on pharmaceuticals; the use of GE-grown crops & foods; and the consumption of empty, dead, or nutrient devoid foods.

It is a Fact that: One in Two men, and One in Three women will get some form of cancer in their life time – a frightening statistic indeed! However, this need not be the case for you or your loved one.

Percy Weston’s products:

Percy Weston’s authentic legendary mineral formulations: PERCY’S POWDER® & Rhomanga® (Tablet form with added B12 & Vitamins)

The Only Authorized formula by “Percy Weston” (Beware of imitations) – both available in 2 months supply.

This site is loaded with leading nutritional books and powerful supplements, including immune boosting and ph normalizing supplements and super-foods.

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NS Supergreens  100% Wheatgrass and Barleygrass, NS Colostrum, NS Coloferrin™,  Percy Powder, Rhomanga, Essiac Tea, Medical Mushrooms, Vitamin C, Co-Q10,  DONZ OPC™ , Resveratrol, Detoxifiers, Immune Booster,  and many  More.

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