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Wi-Fi Health Dangers and what To Do A...

Wi-Fi Health Dangers and  What To Do About It By Amy Goodrich Posted Tuesday,  Sept, 11, 2014 Wi-Fi is so convenient these days that is has become a common part of our daily life. We use Wi-Fi on our phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. It floats around our homes, bars, restaurants, and work environment. But […]

The Anti-Cancer Diet

The Anti-Cancer Diet THE ANTI-CANCER DIET The majority of cancer is caused by what we eat and drink. The evidence is irrefutable. Most people have an acidic body as a result of toxicity and primarily what they put in their mouths. They eat acidic foods and as a result, our inner terrain is disturbed so […]

Vitality C Superboosted VitaminC

Vitality C 200 grams High Dose Vitamin C without upset stomach 4000 mg per serving Utilizes four uptake mechanisms for superior bioavailability Size 30 scoops(tsp) 4 Grams of high quality, neutral pH Vitamin C per scoop (tsp) & no stomach upset Enhanced absorption using four unique uptake pathways Powerful antioxidant, immune support and detoxification Vitality C […]

Ecomer Shark Liver Oil- Alkylglycero...

Ecomer   Immune booster from  purified shark liver Alkyglycerol Ecomer is a result of over 50 years of scientific research and development work conducted by several scientists around the world. Ecomer is a unique alkylglycerol product derived from shark liver oil. When taken at therapeutic levels, alkylglycerols stimulate the immune system, protect against infections and […]

Ebola spread to USA ‘inevitable...

CDC bombshell: Ebola spread to USA ‘inevitable’ Friday, August 08, 2014 by Mike Adams, (Source NaturalNews) The spread of Ebola to the USA is “inevitable,” said the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. Tom Frieden made the statement in a House Subcommittee hearing, adding that he does not think […]

The Vitamin C Cure for Cancer Dr. M...

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C   Cure for Cancer   Dr. Mort Walker Practitioners of conventional oncology (tumor) medicine have overlooked  a particularly important medical journal article about using therapeutic nutrition against cancer. They have ignored this vital piece of information simply because when it appeared, it did so ’way in the back pages of a major medical journal. […]

New science reveals that cell phone u...

New science reveals that cell phone use can triple your risk of brain cancer (just as we’ve been warning for years…) Saturday, May 17, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer Tags: brain cancer, cell phones, radiation (Natural News) Questions continue to arise about cell phones and their contribution to certain cancers. Even the National Cancer […]

Top Ten Cancer Fighting Foods

Top Ten Cancer Fighting Foods Dr  Bob   Avery MD FACP Top Ten cancer Fighting Foods Green Beans and Soy Beans Berry and Grapes Green leafy Vegetables Cruciferous Vegetables Tomatoes Spices Wholegrains Flaxseed   Cancer Cure -Turmeric Christian Wilde,  Dr Robert Corish MD,  Dr Chad Larson D.C, C.C.N,C.S.C.S  and  Dr Susan Sharma, Research suggests Turmeric turns […]

OPC Super Antioxidants- Resveratrol


OPC’S SUPER ANTIOXIDANTS- RESVERATROL   Win the war against free radicals! IS YOUR HEALTH AT RISK? Have you ever associated with any of the following? •Exposure to air pollution •Drinking alcohol (other than in moderation) •Working with, or being exposed to: x-rays chemicals or pesticides •Spend a lot of time in the sun •Exercising excessively […]

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