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Testimonials Percy’s Powder

PERCY’S POWDER ® Testimonials   ( printed with the permission of the writers- for educational purposes only)

“Hello Colin,
This is about my Brother-in-Law, August last year, 2004, Bob was Told that he had Terminal Cancer and only six months to live. They had just moved to a new town in the South Island. The Cancer was in his lung and Liver and from just below that from his back through. Anyway a man came to see him and said that he had heard of his problems, he lent Bob a book called Cancer Cause and Cure to read, and told Bob that eight years ago he(the man) had Cancer and was given 9 months to live. Of course this is eight years later and this person is still here! He told my brother-in-law about “Percy’s Powder”. So Bob began taking “Percy’s Powder” twice a day, and changed his life-style completely. He had been a smoker and drinker and had his fair share of fatty meat and not enough raw fruit and vegetables. So he has been eating about sixty percent raw now and has stopped smoking and drinking. The liver is clear and the lung cancer which was the size of a woman’s fist is down to about a ten cent size. The other secondary cancer through the back has come to a stand still, and has stopped growing. Also Bob’s blood shows normal! So how about that? But Bob has also had some Radiation treatment plus he is under-going Chemo Therapy,as he said that he might as well try every thing available. The Doctors don’t know why this has happened like it has, and think that it must be the results of their treatments. But he is quite well and coping nicely. Sorry that I didn’t get back to you straight away, my Husband’s Mother has just passed away and the Funeral is on Wednesday.”
Regards, Maureen Burns.
Fielding, New Zealand.


“Hi Colin
Last August 2004 I had an operation to remove a growth in my stomach and was sent home with nothing more they could do for me, they being the Rotorua Hospital, would not give me Chemo as that would only make me sicker than I was. So through a friend I decided to try your Percy’s Powders starting Boxing day 2004 and have taken them every day without fail. I went back to hospital in March for a check up and was told everything was ok and the surgeon couldn’t get over how well I was ( I didn’t tell the surgeon that I was taking Percy’s Powders ) the surgeon said he would call for me at the end of May as I was going to Rarotonga for a holiday, but have not heard another word . At the present time I feel fine although have had indigestion, so am now dissolving the Powders in warm water and leaving it to dissolve for 10 to 15 minutes . I also take vitamin B complex 100 Tablets as suggested on your packet. I am not the type to lay down and die just because the surgeon said I was too far gone and he couldn’t help. I will continue to take Percy’s Powders and if I keep on feeling the way I do at the present time I expect to live for quite a few years yet, and at this stage I would recommend them as I have done so to my brother who has prostate cancer. He started to take Percys Powders in April as his cancer blood count was eleven. Two months after starting the powders he had another blood count and his count was down to seven and has just had another blood count in August and his count is now down to five, and I think that speaks for itself .”
Kind Regards, Fred Piper
Acacia Bay, Taupo, New Zealand
August 31 2005

“Here is my testimonial….
I am 45 years old. I have been taking Percy’s Powder for two months. I’ve had instant relief from restless leg syndrome,(very agitated legs and arms, specially in the evening) sciatica , general aches and pains which made me have to excercise 2-3 times/day, low energy, poor memory. I have tried many remedies with very little improvement, if any. After a few weeks on Percy’s Powder, I started to drink wheat grass juice and wheat and barley powder(when I didn’t feel like juicing or my wheat grass growing technique failed me) and my energy levels increased even more, PMS symptoms gone, a cyst in my knee(sports injury) which is due to be operated is gone. I was seeing a physio-osteopath once a week for the last six months as my back was constantly hurting and a disc kept slipping. Last I saw him, he had nothing to crack so my next appointment is in a month. He said ‘come even if you are well.
My son, Ben has suffed from severe allergies, asthma,slow growth, learning difficulties, behaviour issues. He has greatly improved on Percy’s Powder, wheat grass juice, wheat and barley powder. About a week or two on the low phosphorus diet and the supplements his behaviour at home and school improved, academically he gets 75% out of 100 insted of 25%,his coordination is better, he is much improved at sports and he is full with happy, healthy energy,better memory, breathing through his nose. He had a resource teacher for a while. As she only had a short time allocated to Ben, she hasn’t seen him now for about three months. She is going to see him tomorrow, to help with transition to High School. She called me today. She said Ben’s teacher said she was in for a big surprise as Ben is doing amazingly well. He is actually enjoing Maths. She is in for a big surprise herself as we have kept our diet and supplements secret and none of this is due to her intricated teaching methods. Diet is very important, so please, if anyone wants more info. give them my number. Talk to you soon.”
Otilia Czego
Woodville NZ


Disclaimer 1: Percy’s Powder ® is produced by Health Research Pty Ltd, in Australia in sachet form. On advice from Percy Weston and a leading chemist -Percy’s Powder ® is formulated to Percy Weston recipe within the limits and constraints of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Regulations. Percy’s Powder is manufactured and listed for sale under the strict conditions of a pharmaceutical. Neither Natures Source Organics Pty Ltd or Health Research Pty Ltd claims nor infers for Percy’s Powder ® any of the therapeutic benefits reported for Percy Weston’s powder in his book. These statements has not been evaluated by the T.G.A in Australia , The Food and Drug Administration in the USA, or the Ministry of Health in New Zealand . This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer 2: This information is intended for educational purposes only. No information or product described herein should be relied upon implicitly to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases . Please make your own conclusion or consult your health professional.


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