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Recommended Books



Bookbin Publishing pty LTD Australia ISBN 0-646-40313-3
A summary of Percy’s 60 years of research which exposes
the cancer link to 20th century agricultural changes.
161 pages from BookbinPublishing Australia
( see CANCER CAUSE & CURE section of this website for details)

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Cancer food chart Phosphorus Ratings
by RSC UK and DCSH Australia exposes those foods that cause cancer and other diseases like ADHD( red) like Coca Cola and more including those that are good for you ( green) “check postings on this site”


by Percy Weston
Bookbin Publishing pty LTD Australia 46 pp colour a4( 2nd edition)
a complete guide to Nutrition ( Available late 2002) email Jim Now to reserve your copy at to ensure you get your copy, as the first edition sold out within months.
Take Action Now to reserve your copy. (PS this BOOK is out of print and unlikely to be printed again unfortunately)

THE HIDDEN DRUG Dietary Phosphate
Cause of Behaviour Problems, Learning Difficulties and Juvenile Delinquency
( ADD and ADHD)
by Hertha Hafer translation by Jane Donlin ISBN 0-646-40644-2.
This book documents 35 years of Hertha’s discovery and experience in helping her own son and other families and provides a wealth of practical, dietary and scientific information for families and adults affected by ADD/ADHD.


Reclaim your Inner Terrain
by Robert Young Ph D D Sc and Shelley Young
The Empowering New Biology that allows you to become
healthy once again.
Ph is the key .ie Alkaline – Acid Balance

by Phillip Day
Credence Publication
UK ISBN 0-9535012-4-8
The war on cancer was won fifty years ago. Phillip Day’s simple but stunning overview exposes the on-going medical, political and economic scandals surrounding Cancer. Hear the simple facts of treatment from medical experts themselves.
Can cancer be successfully treated at home today for just dollars/ pounds a day?


The PH Miracle
Balance Your Diet
Reclaim Your Health

Robert Young Ph D D Sc and Shelley Young
Best Selling Book
The Alkaline/Acid Balance – The Key to Good Health
Includes Diets



Audio Tape by Gary Tunsky C.N.C.M.D IRS
The battle for health is over.

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The Breast CANCER Prevention & Recovery Diet
Practical, Accurate , valuable advice from a Breast Cancer Survivor
by Suzannah Olivier
ISBN 1-58054-327-8 Woodland Publishing
The Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery Diet is the first book to offer women a practical, easy-to-read plan for breast cancer prevention and recovery. Suzannah Olivier’s innovative, scientifically backed, nutritional approach to breast cancer prevention and treatment is the first book of its kind:
Olivier’s book is the most important, easy-access breast cancer reference in the trade and should be an integral part of every women’s health reference library.


The ESSIAC Handbook
by James Percival
ISBN 0-9535012-6-4
In 1923, a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, came upon an ancient Ojibway Indian herbal concoction that appeared to have remarkable powers to offer the sick.
In the years since, thousands of cancer patients, many considered beyond hope, have testified that this simple, natural treatment saved their lives where modern medicine had failed. ”
The story of Essiac is another triumphant clamour of nature’s ability to heal. It is also a parable of a sick and sceptical world that, even in its illness, was so sophisticated that the simple truth escaped becoming known.” Phillip Day
(see Essiac section of this website for details)

How you win The Immunity War with Colostrum
Dr Colin Holloway & Michail Borissenko
ICR ( Institute of Colostrum Research)
ISBN 9-421010-240407
The immune and growth factors in Colostrum, created at the dawn of time for illness protection in the young, benefits adults and the elderly alike. Colostrum also reduces the symptoms of ageing and assists in weight control. Olympic athletes use it to increase performance and recovery. This simple book is written by experts to explain why you must take colostrum every day to win the immunity war ICR Institute of Colostrum Research


Natures Amazing Healer – Noni
by Neil Solomon M.D. , Ph. D.
Woodland Publishing ISBN1-58054-036-8
“Dr Solomon’s extensive research reveals that Noni, an ‘alternative’ medical treatment, has significant mainstream applications.
“Read this book and find out for yourself.” Anthony Robins, author of Awaken the Giant Within
Noni a 2000-year-old tropical secret that helps the body heal itself.
Lowers High Blood pressure, Fights Cancer,. Reduces arthritis symptoms/pain., improves Immune function, enhances cellular health and promotes general health. Johns Hopkins-Trained physician and New York Times best-selling author.

Woodland Series
The amazing broad-range healing powers of an ancient food and remedy. A cluster of Maitake mushrooms can weigh as much as 100 pounds-a massive concentration of healing powers, with current research demonstrating its benefits in Cancer, Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and even Aids.
Learn how this medicinal (and delicious) mushroom can work to regain or improve your health. Maitake Grifron Pro D-fraction is one of a few natural products to be approved by the FDA in the U.S.A. for the IND( Investigational New Drug Application) clinical studies for advanced cancer patients ( IND#54,589).
Read why this Maitake Grifron Pro D-fraction has been so widely researched at Japanese Universities.

Bathroom Secrets Exposed ( 18 page full colour book)
by Beinformed Production Australia
This book exposes the toxic scandal in your bathroom that is killing you
(refer to -Warning Cosmetics- on this website)

Children of a Toxic Harvest
book by Eva Hillary
Environmental Health consultant
This is a must read learn why we are poisoning our children by using toxic personal care products from environmental toxins to nutritional allergens


Other Books we Recommend

Thorsons ISBN 0-7225-3839-1
available in New Zealand at Whitcoulls or Amazon
How she reduced a tumor the size of a football in 2 months with Mind control

The Cure of Advanced CANCER by Diet Therapy
Gerson Institute PULSE a summary of 30 years of Clinical experiments using Juicing and detoxification of the body

The story of Vitamin B17
By G Edward Griffin American Media ISBN 0-912986-17-0

The Little Cyanide Cook Book

Hollands revolutionary Nutritional Program for combating cancer
ISBN 0-89529-439-7
By Ruth Jochems forward by the late DR Linus Pauling

And many more

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