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Book Health Seekers


  BOOK  HEALTH SEEKERS Célène Bernstein has been interested in Alternative Health for 30 years. She is the Principal, in South Africa, of the American Health & Nutritional Science Correspondence Course. She has been a Nutritional Consultant for the past 10 years. THE BOOK “Health Seekers” by Celene Bernstein   Contains detailed information on how […]

The pH Miracle


  THE pH MIRACLE Balance your diet, reclaim your health Book by Robert O. Young Ph.D and Shelley Redford Young “In The PH Miracle, Dr Young may have discovered the true key to long life and health. It is simple and even spiritual in its approach and is founded on the truth your mother tried […]

Book Cancer Cause & Cure


  Book CANCER CAUSE AND CURE written by Percy Weston This book may just change your life! Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery are traditional treatments, however, should a Change of Diet be considered for cancer treatment? Can a change of diet Prevent Cancer? or even Cure Cancer? “Yes” said 100 year old Australian farmer Percy Weston. With […]