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Lactoferrin Cancer Miracle – Su...

Lactoferrin Cancer Miracle – Super Immune Booster taken from the HSI Report Lethal Cancer Conquered with Natural Cure–– The Lactoferrin Miracle: Ralph Snyder had the worse case of leukaemia the Mayo Clinic had seen in 20 years. His entire immune system had shut down. His left leg turned black! He was desperate for a Cure…and […]

Book Cancer Cause & Cure

  Book CANCER CAUSE AND CURE written by Percy Weston This book may just change your life! Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery are traditional treatments, however, should a Change of Diet be considered for cancer treatment? Can a change of diet Prevent Cancer? or even Cure Cancer? “Yes” said 100 year old Australian farmer Percy Weston. With […]

Warning Cosmetics – How safe is...

WARNING – COSMETICS TOXIC TIMEBOMB HOW SAFE IS YOUR BATHROOM? Bathrooms are dangerous places, everyone knows that!! Many accidents occur such as slipping, drowning, electrocution …. BUT there’s another more insidious problem involving the Personal Care/ cosmetics you and your family use every day, and these are no accident. Are you concerned about your family’s […]

Alarming Kiwi Cancer statistics

ALARMING KIWI CANCER FIGURES We are dying of cancer at a much higher rate than our trans-Tasman neighbours. A new study by two Dunedin researchers revealed that New Zealanders are more likely to die of cancer than Australians. The Otago University study, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, compared trans-Tasman statistics in 1996 and […]