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Whey protein includes lactoferrin-can...


Whey Protein includes Lactoferrin- Defence against Cancer Why should cancer patients consider whey protein -Lactoferrin Mon. Mar. 24, 2014 by Dr. Matthew Roe (NaturalHealth365) There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that whey protein can support the immune system, while killing cancer cells. Whey has multi-factorial benefits for cancer patients according to validated studies. It has […]



NS COLOSTRUM formerly Naturesource Colostrum COLOSTRUM from NS New Zealand( formerly Naturesource) Mother Nature’s First Food 100 % PURE NEW ZEALAND Bovine COLOSTRUM recognised as the Worlds best Source of pasture fed anti-biotic free Colostrum. NS COLOSTRUM is collected from pasture-fed, healthy, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free New Zealand dairy cows in the first 24 […]

Warning Cosmetics – How safe is...


WARNING – COSMETICS TOXIC TIMEBOMB HOW SAFE IS YOUR BATHROOM? Bathrooms are dangerous places, everyone knows that!! Many accidents occur such as slipping, drowning, electrocution …. BUT there’s another more insidious problem involving the Personal Care/ cosmetics you and your family use every day, and these are no accident. Are you concerned about your family’s […]