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Book Wheatgrass: Natures Finest Medicine


by Steve Meyerowitz – the Sproutman

Wheat grass natures finest medicine‘Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells – especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and nucleic acids can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion.”

Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas., MS., author, Survival Into the 21st Century.

You may never look at grass in the same way again after reading this book! Far from the humble ‘walk on, animal food’ substance we know so well wheatgrass has proved to be a wonder plant capable of miracle cures.

In 1930, Charles F. Schnabel, to whom this book is dedicated, started feeding his family grass. Before anyone else, he initiated the movement for the human consumption of grass and devoted his entire life to promoting its nutritional and health benefits. Wheatgrass is a variety of grass that is used like an herbal medicine for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. It is available as a fresh squeezed juice, a dehydrated powder, or tablets. It has many remarkable properties including nearly a gram of protein per teaspoon and includes all eight of the amino acids. It also has vitamins A, B1,2,3,5,6,8 and 12; C, E and K. A teaspoon contains around 15mg of calcium, 8mcg iodine, 3.5cg Selenium, 870mcg iron, 62mcg zinc, and many other minerals. Other special components of wheatgrass are listed and their functions described in detail. One of the most significant of these is Superoxide Dismutase, an anti-cancer factor.

Blood purification, liver detoxification and colon cleansing are the three most therapeutic roles of wheatgrass. Then there is the chlorophyll, a remarkable substance which is almost identical to hamoglobin, the substance which transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body. Chlorophyll has long been famous for its ability to heal infected and ulcerated wounds. It has been called ‘concentrated sun power’ and is known to increase the functions of the heart, affect the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus and the lungs.

There is plenty of information about where you get your grass, what is the best type, when to harvest and then how to take it. For best results, it is strongly recommended that you grow your own and there is a chapter devoted to this which discusses the advantages or otherwise of indoor or outdoor sprouting , soil types, hydroponic growing, sprout bags, watering and harvesting tips. Good photographs and drawings totally demistify the process.

Then it comes to preparing and taking the wheatgrass. If you are dealing with the fresh grown product, and if you have a medical condition which requires intensive intake of the product it, is necessary to embrace the concepts which wheatgrass therapy is built on and appreciate that they are diametrically opposed to the pill-popping style of modern medicine. Self-responsibility and the work of constantly harvesting and juicing may be just one of many life changes you need to make to save your life. There are many testimonials recorded in the book of a complete return to health from a variety of cancers and other serious conditions. A less rigorous regime is possible for those who are taking wheatgrass as a preventative measure or to generally upgrade areas of health. Dealing with wheatgrass enemas and implants may be required in same instances and ways to deal with these are described.

A comprehesive chapter on different juicers explains that the wheatgrass juicer is a screw press. Conventional juicers are not appropriate and the book tells you why. If you don’t have a juicer, it is suggested that the easiest way to get your grass is just to take a handful and munch. The mouth is the ultimate juicing machine and there will be no equipment to clean up.

Severe eczema and associated conditions have responded to wheatgrass, and potent anti-inflammatory properties have been proven. Symptoms of pancreatitis have been eliminated, as have those for atherosclerosis. Wheatgrass has also been proven as an anti-aging agent.

This is a beautiful, simple but elegant therapy, available to everyone. Many people associate the taking of grass to mean marijuana, but for the thousands who are turned away each day by conventional medicine, ‘wheatgrass is hope, not dope’.

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