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Wi-Fi Health Dangers and what To Do About It

Wi-Fi Health Dangers and  What To Do About It

By Amy Goodrich

Posted Tuesday,  Sept, 11, 2014

Wi-Fi is so convenient these days that is has become a common part of our daily life. We use Wi-Fi on our phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. It floats around our homes, bars, restaurants, and work environment.

But are those invisible electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming from our technology healthy or are we under constant threat of dangerous radiation? Well actually we all know deep down that it is bad for our health, scientific results are clear and shocking, but nevertheless we are expanding our magnetic fields every day.

Wi-Fi Health Dangers
Wi-Fi is everywhere and these days more and more people are feeling its negative effects on their health. One study found that in modern and urban areas almost 40% of the people who live there have minor complaints that are linked to heavy concentrations of EMFs, while 8% suffer more serious issues.

Mild Symptoms
Maybe you may not be aware that your body is reacting to those invisible fields. Symptoms can be vague and mimic other diseases, but if you constantly struggle with the following symptoms, try and disconnect your Wi-Fi and see what happens.
• Spontaneous and stubborn headaches
• Sleep disorders
• Unexplainable fatigue
• Brain fog or memory loss
• Mild feelings of depression or anxiety
• Digestive disorders

Serious Healthy Issues
Because the use of Wi-Fi is relatively new, scientist are just unraveling its negative effects. They found that EMFs might be linked to several severe health issues, especially our children and more sensitive people are at risk. Long-term exposure can lead to:
• Insomnia
• Reduced sperm count or infertility
• Damaging childhood development
• Birth defects
• Parkinson’s
• Chronic migraine
• Heart rhythm disorders or palpitations
• Cancer

How To Reduce The Dangers Of Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is something that is growing so fast. Some people estimate that the amount of hotspots is going to triple by 2015. EMFs are all around us. People around you are beaming signals straight from their pockets or purses. Stores, restaurants, and bars all offer free Wi-Fi and more homes are installing wireless routers to provide them access to the internet from everywhere in their house.
So even if you don’t have a phone that is connected to the web or not using wireless internet connections, people around you are, making it nearly impossible to avoid these harmful EMFs.
Luckily there are a few things you can do to strengthen your body and help it reject radiation or reduce the amount of radiation you send out into the world.
1.Use landlines as much as possible. Opt for a cored phone or internet connection at home or at work.
2. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket, carry it away from your body.
3. If you use your laptop, keep it off your lap.
4. If you are using your phone choose messaging over calling. It is less dangerous than holding the phone directly to your brain.
5. Keep your kids away from cell phones. Their developing bodies are more prone to the effects of Wi-Fi and EMFs.
6. Use the airplane mode whenever you can. It disables Wi-Fi and saves your battery.
7. Turn off your phone, laptop, or tablet during the night.
8. When you leave your cell phone on overnight, don’t place it on your nightstand but leave it downstairs or in another room.
9.Strengthen your immune system through a healthy and well-balanced diet. A stronger immune system enables you to reject more radiation effects.
It is impossible to avoid all radiation, but with more studies linking it to DNA damage, sleeping disorders, and cancer it is up to you to take matters in your own hands and try and reduce exposures as much as possible.

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